Depends on your consistency and goals. You can expect to lose around 1lb per week after your initial loss and if you stay consistent.

If you’re under 18 you’ll need a parent or guardian’s permission. Certain health problems will require a doctors clearance for training. Our classes are HIIT and hypertrophy so not for the weak.

You can track your food, weight and progress via the app. Your trainer will also keep track of this info to update your program and keep you on track if you choose to opt into this.

The classes are live video sessions but communication with your trainer will be via messaging on the app.

The classes are HIIT and hypertrophy only

You will need around 5-10 minutes a day to track your food and 45 mins 3 times per week to exercise.

Unfortunately the training is group training and not a custom 1 on 1 routine.

Depends on how much accountability you need. If you need constant motivation and accountability we can do that. If you’re self motivated and don’t want us to bother you, we can do that too.